What’s my next big milestone?

WP_20160104_001 WP_20160205_013

I tackled the task of brewing an all-grain, no-extract batch. Two, in fact! As these two brews get ready to be tasted, I’m already thinking about my next milestones. I think it’s a good idea to constantly make mistakes, own ’em, learn quickly and try new things, mastery being the ultimate goal.

With that in mind, what should my next milestone be? Here’s what I’m thinking. Give me your ideas…

  • Make an infusion malt, following someone else’s recipe.
  • Obtain a glass carboy, cooling coil.
  • Use wet hops.
  • Germinate and bake my own malt from local wheat.
  • Master temperature control in my mash tun so that ABV can be regulated.

What do you think? What’s next?


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