Great Iowa Brews

ConfluenceRedI’m a little disappointed in myself for not having tried as many great Iowa brews as I should have. Craft brewing and Homebrews are so popular here, I really need to partake in all the tasty local goodness. My issue is, I’m addicted to a macrobrew called Sam Adams Boston lager (which in my opinion is the perfect brew).

Today, I went to Beer Crazy to get some malt and hops for my Ironman War Brew batch that’s coming up. They have a ton of great domestic macro brews, micro brews and local beers. I picked up a Confluence Irish Red Ale, which I’m drinking now.

It’s pretty good! I normally like my brews with a little more head and more hops, but I enjoy a good, red, malty-ale. This one is worth a trip to the brewery for. By the way; you can get this at Hy-Vee, Beer Crazy and most other Des Moines groceries. What’s also cool about this great Iowa brew is that you can rinse out the growler and bring it back to their store and they will refill it for you. How cool is that?

I’m not against macrobrews. Think about it… How the hell do they brew so much beer (which is a complicated and delicate process) with so much consistency? And there are GREAT macro brews out there! Don’t be a douch-nozzle by saying dumb things like, “I only drink craft and micro brews”. You should be punched in the nads for saying such pretentious shit. Yes, craft brews are fucking amazing! They’re malty, hoppy, fresh-tasting and delicious. But some great American Breweries ARE out there brewing fantastic, delicious brews and you’re being a cock for not partaking. Off the soap-box:

Here’s some other great Iowa Brews I need to try, or tried and liked…

  • Confluence (Des Moines) Want to try more.
  • WingNutt (Altoona) Would like to try. This is brand NEW!
  • 515 (Des Moines) Heard great things! Never tried it.
  • Backpocket Brewing (Coralville) Tried the IPA… fantastic.
  • Millstream (Amana Colonies) Many good flavors, but a little lacking in consistency and sometimes you get some off-flavors. They may need to clean up their operation, but you should still give it a go.
  • Iowa Craft Beer Map

You know any more I should try out? Post here!!! If anyone is actually reading this. If not, I’m talking to myself and that’s cool. More beer for me.


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