To Mead, or Not to Mead

Ironmaninspiration2I’ve been watching “Vikings” on the History Channel a lot lately. It’s a great show with decent history, good war violence, plenty of drinking and of course, Vikings.

So I asked myself, why don’t I try to make a mead? I did a little research and found it’s actually easier to make mead than it is to make beer. It’s mostly honey, but some dudes add other fruit flavors to give it more taste. Some guys even carbonate it and add hops. So I figured, “why not”?

Until I asked a friend of mine who’s family is from Scotland. He’s a first generation American who’s family moved to the states when he was young. I mentioned it to him because he’s also an amateur brewer. Basically, he said, “Don’t. It tastes like shit. Just brew beer with some honey in it.”

I was a little disappointed. But before I rule it out, I’ll have to find some and give it a try. If you have any to recommend, I’m all ears. At any rate, it’s possible a nice Honey-Weiss beer may be coming soon. There’s a lot of recipes lined up and ready to go. I may have to purchase a second fermentation vessel! I’m tired of waiting 7 weeks between batches.

By the way! Raven Two-One turned out PERFECT! Stop by my house for a taste! Also, tonight is brew night. I’ll be drinking Raven Two-One, brewing “Ironman War Brew” and of course, listening to Zeppelin.


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