Honey, I carbonated the Beer!

HoneyCarbonationYou can carbonate beer with honey! I opened a test bottle of Ironman War Brew and checked. Plenty of carbonation. But… No residual honey aftertaste. According to JJ Palmer’s book, “How To Brew”, 5.65oz of honey would be all the sugar I needed to carbonate. So I added 6.5oz to give a slight aftertaste. But that didn’t work. There is no honey flavor at all. Next time, I think I’ll bump it up to ten. Cullin Herwig suggested I crank it up to 11.

As you can see here, when you open a bottle that has finished carbonating, but has not conditioned or been chilled, it always runs over.

Meanwhile, make sure you see the progress I’ve made on documenting my process here



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