In “Case” you were wondering

I’ve been wanting to find some nice wooden cases for my beer bottles. I thought about making them and scoured the internet looking for nicely-made wooden cases that would hold my bottles and protect them from light while carbonating and conditioning.

Turns out, they don’t really make stuff like that. If they do, it’s never solid and light could easily get in. I asked around why. Here are the answers I got.

  • Wood is heavy. A wooden crate that holds 24 bottles is REALLY heavy.
  • With home brews, the outsides of the bottles get wet and sticky sometimes. That hangs around in a wooden create forever and just turns into a sloppy mess that’s hard to clean.

So I asked around some more. Best alternatives I found are…

  • Ask a bar for some of the heavy-duty cardboard cases they have. They usually want to get rid of them.
  • Get some milk crates.
  • Get some file-folder crates from Staples.

cratesSo, I went to Staples and found these badass crates! They perfectly hold two 12-pack boxes and they stack. It’s like they were made for holding 24 bottles! (or 4 6-packs.) And only 7 bucks. I gotta get some more of these. What I’ll probably do is take some 12-pack boxes and paint and scotch-guard them so I have something to protect them from the light and easy clean-up.


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