Some new shit has come to light, man.

WP_20160424_002 1I picked up this book from Borders, “Make Some Beer” by Erica Shea and “Stephen Valand”. Anyways, these two libs (notice her unchanged last-name) go backpacking all over Europe and the Americas to learn more about beer. They spend their life-savings to start a beer store in Brooklyn. They are in their twenties. So… One would deduct, limited responsibility, unmarried, minimalists, New York = Huge raging Bernie Sanders voters.

Most of their recipes are shit like, “Rhubarb-Strawberry Ale” and “Cucumber Porter”. These two hippies are screaming, “Distribution of wealth” and a bunch of other yuppie, leftist horseshit.

But: they gave me a great idea. All their recipes are 1-gallon recipes. They make their beer on their stovetop and use minimalist methods for mashing and sparging. I think this is a good way to do some of the darker, longer-conditioned beers I want to do. But don’t worry, fans-who-don’t exist: I won’t be making any fruity-tootie bullshit beers anytime soon.

I think it would be cool to do some really dark, 6-month ales in champagne or wine bottles with corks. I’m going to read-up on that because I have no idea how to re-cork a bottle.

Also: these two hipsters carbonate everything with honey, which I’ve already proved is really good. I tried a “Ironman Warbrew” tonight and it was great.

More news: I’m going to enter Ironman, SE Wood Creek and AK40 into the Iowa State Fair homebrew competition. I’ll finally get to see if I’m blinded by pride of workmanship, or my beer really is worth a damn.



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