Ironman Warbrew Critique

It’s ready. And it ain’t bad.

This was the first beer I ever carbonated with honey. I tried to add enough so that there would be a slight honey aftertaste. So I added 6.5oz. On my 5 gal. batches, I usually use 5.0 oz of corn sugar. According to JJ Palmer’s book, 5.56 oz should have done the trick to be fully carbonated with no leftover taste. But: This beer has ZERO residual honey taste and is pretty light on the carbonation.

Mouth feel is smooth. Honey works pretty well to carbonate. I think it could be carbonated a bit more, though. Next time, 7.5 oz should do it.

There is a good amount of hops in this beer, even though I only used 2oz of hops. I used 2 types of German hops, Smaragd and Hallertau, Hallertau being one of my favorites. Note to self, “Smaragd” hops have a high alpha level. Take it easy next time!

This beer is surprisingly clear for an ale. I think it’s safe to say, SAFALE-05 has very high floculation. It all drops to the bottom of the fermenter and virtually none is suspended in the beer. I gotta say, that SAFEALE-05 yeast is my favorite so far. It’s cheap, does the job and it makes clean beer. It’s a little low on the ABV side, but I think I can improve that with mash temperature and the amount of malt I use. This was a 10# batch. I think 12# might be a good number.

It’s not too malty. I mashed at a lower temperature, giving more alcohol, but less body. I don’t think my mash went above 151 degrees. Too bad I was too drunk to remember to take an OG reading when I brewed it. Darn you, Michael Kraemer, Pink Floyd and Raven Two-One!

Overall, it’s pretty standard. It DOES taste A LOT like sam adams Boston Lager because of the Hallertau and Smaragd hops. With some more improvements to my mash and sparge and some adjustments to sugar level, I think this could be my signature beer.


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