2nd Time’s a charm

Never surrender!

Never surrender!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Last night I brewed the second batch of Bethusela’s Lake Cabin Ale.

I followed the exact same recipe as last time, you know: The one that blew up? This time I did some things differently.

  • I completely drained the mash and re-circulated several times.
  • I did a slower sparge. I went about 1qt/5minutes instead of 1qt/2.5 minutes. This actually helped me gain OG 1.052 instead of 1.038, so it was a more efficient sparge.
  • I pitched yeast at 60 degrees F instead of 68.
  • I set up a blowoff tube instead of an airlock.
  • I put the fermenter in a cooler place, 67 instead of 72.

Altogether, I think this will be a better batch! It’s got higher gravity and I fixed quite a few mistakes. I also decided I’ll carbonate this one with honey, leaving enough behind for a nice “HoneyWeiss” type summer beer.


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