Big Plans, Big Beers

A lot of new stuff is happening all at once. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s what:

  • Bethusela’s Lake Cabin Ale (A Hefeweizen, second attempt) gets bottled on Saturday, May 28th. I’ll be using 7.5oz of Iowa Honey to carbonate. Right now we are in the 5th day of fermentation and it’s still bubbling. The blow-off tube saved the day as quite a bit of foam and hops chunks went through the tube. I finally put an airlock on last night because it has stopped foaming.
  • Aaron and Kay’s 40th Birthday Party and AK40’s Debut will be June 4th. Check out the labels!
  • The annual SE Wood Creek Block Party and SEWC Ale debut will be on June 11th.
  • All three of these beers will be entered in the Iowa State Fair Homebrew Competition!

Last night I gave my neighbor, Jerry, a bottle of Thirteen. Jerry works for Sam Adams and returned with 3 of Sam Adams’ Master Brewer Series and a new Hard Coffee Drink. I tried the Double Bock last night! It was HEAVY! But delicious and smooth. I can’t wait to try the others tonight and hear what Jerry has to say about Thirteen.

I also tried a New Belgium Trippel this past weekend and was a huge fan. It’s got a light color, heavy malt, light hops and a ton of alcohol. (8.5%) I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a malty beer.

I added a few thoughts to my “Coming Soon Page“. I’m planning a few new beers this summer.

  • HMS Bedfordshire: This will be an American India Pale ale to replace AK40. I’m naming this after a British submarine hunter which was sank off the coast of North Carolina during World War Two. The bodies of 6 British Sailors that were found from the wreckage of the Bedfordshire are buried at Cape Hatteras. The small grave plot is considered “British Territory” in the United States. I saw it a few years back and decided it was fitting to name a British Beer, American inspired, after this brave fighting vessel.
  • Tyrranicide: This will be an American stout. Tyrranicide just sounds MIGHTY! I want to make a small-batch dark ale and ferment for a month or more and condition for several months. The target is 9%ABV and I want to bottle it in Champagne bottles for Christmas. Tyrranicide is the name of an American vessel that sailed as part of the Penobscot Expedition which sailed the Mississippi.



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