Two Down, One to Go!

The AK40 Party for Kay and Hornbrook is over. Beer was great. None left.

The SouthEast Woodcreek Block Party is over. Beer was okay. It turned out a bit too hoppy for most people’s liking. A few die-hard beer lovers went nuts over it, so that was cool. It only lasted until 9:30PM, but the party raged until past 1:30AM. That’s a good sign as well.

All that’s left is the Annual Lake Trip with the guys. For that, I’ve got my new batch of Bethusela’s Lake Cabin ale, plus six-packs of Raven Two-One, Ironman, Thirteen and SEWC. It’s going to be a beer-filled weekend! I’ll also find out if homebrews can keep for long periods of time. Which one’s get better and which ones get worse? Usually, the darker the beer, the better it gets with age. Raven Two-One was brewed a few months ago and is moderately-dark. We’ll see how it goes.


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