A Ridiculous Amount Of Beer

Bethusela's Lake Cabin fridge! 5 Types of Mike's Basement Beers!

Bethusela’s Lake Cabin fridge! 5 Types of Mike’s Basement Beers!

Yes, there was a ridiculous amount of beer drank this past weekend!


If you’ve been keeping up on this blog (all 5 of you) you know that this past weekend was the annual trip to clear Lake and the debut of Bethusela’s Lake Cabin Ale!

It was a good time had by all! I posted some pictures below. But first, some things I learned:

  • I added more honey to the beer to get a residual honey taste in Bethusela’s beer. That didn’t work. What it really did was just carbonate the beer more. We had some seriously foamy hefeweizen. At first I thought it was just because they got shook up a little during the drive and some went back to room temperature. It didn’t help that it was a 2-hour drive and 12 of the bottles wouldn’t fit into my coolers. I’ll need to research a little more to figure out how to get that honey taste into the beer. I assume it would be dropping the temperature while carbonating so that the yeast isn’t quite as active.
  • Bring a beer glass. The cabin had nothing but plastic cups. You can cut a lot of foam by pouring into a glass, but who wants to drink out of a plastic cup?
  • The other beers kept very well. Even the one I brewed in January was still good. As long as they are refrigerated, homebrews last a long time.

What else is new?

  • The next beer brewed will be another iteration of Revenge Amber Ale! Potentially, I’ll brew this week with the assistance of a friend of a friend who wants to learn.
  • Another IPAS would be a good one before the end of the summer. I’ll get cracking on that too.
  • All the beers for the State Fair competition are completed and in the fridge!

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