Brew day: Bedfordshire IPA

Since AK40 turned out so well, I’m making it again. This time, it’s called HMS Bedfordshire. Brewing now means it should be ready for the middle of August since pale ales and wheat ales need less conditioning time. I’ll go with this timeline:

  • 2 weeks fermentation (moving to secondary after week one)
  • 2 weeks carbonation
  • 1 week conditioning (Ready august 20th)

I normally do 3 weeks of conditioning, but it’s not needed. Also, I found you lose hoppiness of IPA’s with longer conditioning times.

Bedfordshire is an American IPA. So, what’s the difference between an American IPA and an English one? (We all know IPA’s were invented by the British when they shipped beers to India, requiring more hops and bottle conditioning)

The yeast is the same. I’m using Safeale-05, which is an English yeast. But, I’m using some American styles and ingredients.

  • Cascade Hops: Made in the seventies by the USDA at Oregon State. It’s a citrusy hops usually grown in the Pacific Northwest, hence “Cascade”.
  • Chinook Hops: Also created by the USDA and similar to Cascade, but with a higher level of hoppiness. Used for aroma brewing.
  • Corn Sugar: English IPA’s use cane sugar or no sugar to carbonate. Corn sugar is a US homebrewer’s method for carbonation.

If you’re in the area of SouthEast Woodcreek and want to brew beer tonight, come on down! Brewing, drinking and Led Zeppelin starts up at 8:00PM.


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