Size DOES Matter

Last night Bedfordshire IPA measured out at 1.071 OG. The last time I used the exact same recipe, I ended up at 1.037. A couple things I did differently this time around:


Old filter



I used a larger lauter filter. The bigger one snakes along the bottom of the tun. The old one just extended out from the drain about 6″. I think that was a big part of it. This enabled me to sparge more maltose off the grain bed from a larger portion of the grain bed.

The second thing was that I used a flower watering can to recirculate the mash twice. I completely drained the mash slowly at about 1 qts/ 1.25 minutes. My watering can let the wort out a little too fast for my liking, but it disturbed the mash bed a lot less than pouring.

The third was that I did a really slow sparge. I sparged at about 1qt/2minutes or slower.

What does all this mean? With this high of a gravity reading, I may be able to hit up to 8%ABV. That would be if I ferment down to 1.010 FG. That’s pretty typical, so it’s likely I could hit that. That’s far beyond what I ever got, even with an extract kit. So, it was a great brew night!


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