What’s New In August?


Iowa State Fair Competition

Last week Randi turned in my 3 submissions for the Iowa State Fair Oenology Contest. I submitted 2 bottles of these beers:

  • Bethusela’s Lake Cabin Ale (Hefeweizen)
  • SoutEast Woodcreek American Ale (American Pale Ale)
  • AK40 IPA (American IPA)

The judging is on July 29th! I’m really excited to see how I did! Watch the ISF page to see the results! Iowa State Fair Competition

I’ve decided to grow some hops

I decided that the space directly underneath and in front of my back porch would be a good place to grow some hops. I can dig a small planter using bricks below and run ropes up to the top of the deck, which is about 15 feet up. I’ve learned online that you can reserve hop plants in February and get them to plant in March and April. Some people say they grow buds the first year, some say they don’t. Either way, everyone agrees they will be ready in August and you need to dry them out, ready to brew in September or October. I was thinking of these hops types:

  • German: Hallertau Mittelfruh (aroma), Tettnanger (bitter, aroma)
  • American: Cascade (aroma), Chinook (bitter)

I’ve been checking out some videos and post about growing your own hops. I think I could do it and then make a batch of Thirteen Dark or Tyrannicide in September of next year using it. You can also freeze them and use them later.

Grow your own hops

“HMS Bedfordshire” American IPA will be done

A couple of changes from the norms with this beer.

  • I’m increasing my time in fermenter from 2 to 3 weeks after reading more of the “How to Brew” book. I’ll also try to open this one after two weeks of carbonation. I used to do at least 3 weeks of cold conditioning, but you really don’t want that for an IPA or you’ll lose hops flavor.
  • I got this one to 7.88% ABV after one week. I wonder what it will be after 3! It appears I’ve mastered the mash and sparge process. Now, I’ll just need to stay consistent and experiment with fermentation temperatures, times and different yeasts.
  • This one will be ready to go for my 40th birthday on August 18th.

Revenge Amber Ale makes a comeback

I’ll brew some more Revenge Amber Ale after the first of August so it will be ready for football season. Immediately followed by a small batch of Tyrannicide.



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