Fail Fast!


The fastest way to learn something is to try it and screw it up. I had this one HR Leader when I worked for Wells Fargo who told us to “Fail Fast.” He meant that he wanted us to not be afraid to take calculated risks. He wanted us to make mistakes, but learn quickly what happened to make it go south, them move on quickly. Don’t dwell on the failure, use it to learn and improve. That’s some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. I’m trying to take that stance with my beer. That’s why I created an entire page of failure advice called “Tips I’ve Learned From Screwing Up.”

I hope that when we get the results from the Iowa State Fair Oenology Competition, that some good feedback is given by the judges. It would help to see an expert’s opinion on my beer so I can quickly make adjustments for improvement. Those guys are usually Certified as Official Beer Judges from an accredited National Guild.

Recently, I learned to NOT put your malt in the fridge. I did that with my recent batch of “Revenge Amber Ale”. When I put that cold malt into my hot mash water, it dropped the temperature below the target zone. I had to quickly add some hot water to raise the temperature back up. The Water Temperature Calculator helped a lot.

Finally: I’m looking forward to bottling the newest Batch of Bedfordshire IPA this Saturday. I’m also looking forward to bottling Revenge Amber Ale next weekend and then starting a batch of the new Tyrannicide American Stout. Should be a good couple weeks of brewing and drinking!


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