‘What’s Happening Now’ episode of “That’s My Momma”

What’s happening now?


I’ve been thinking of adding a little chocolate malt to the upcoming special batch of Tyrannicide Stout. Think of it as “Sexual Chocolate”, inspired by Mr. Randy Watson. I think I’ll brew this week by using a gift certificate for the Beer Crazy store I got for my birthday from my lovely wife.  I also need a champagne corker because I’m going to class-up this batch by bottling in some 750ml wine bottles. I think it would be really cool to drink a dark stout out of a corked bottle. Did I mention turned 40 this week? Yup. 40, y’all.

What else?

Bedfordshire IPA is delicious. RedIPABut it’s going fast! It’s a tad too amber, so the next batch will drop some of that darker malt. There’s only a case left. I drank 6 of them on Saturday night when Randi and I went camping near McGregor, Iowa. Six of these beers is WAY too much. I regretted it the next morning! With 8.14%ABV, you gotta take it easy on these things.

I shared some with the folks camping next to us, but they were not impressed. I think they were really the “Busch Light” kind of crew. That’s okay, it aint for everyone! As a matter of fact, this one is so strong with hops that few people would be into it. I think it’s awesome. It’s a good thing I’m also Mike’s Basement Brewery’s #1 customer. The customer is always right!

Awesome friends and neighbors Chris and Angela Tyrrell made me two killer tee-shirts! How cool is this? Next time I go to a competition or IBU meeting, I’m representin’ MBB.


Looking forward to having my little sis over next week to brew a special edition “SE Woodcreek Ale”. That should be fun and there will be a ton of beer to serve as the “Revenge Amber Ale” should be ready!



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