September 2016 Update

beertee-heavenIn heaven there is no beer.
That’s why we drink it here (Right Here!)
and when we’re gone from here,
our friends will be drinking all our beer!

What’s in the Basement in September?

Lone Wolfin’ It

This past week, Randi has been visiting our friends in Oregon. I’ve been home from work with the kids. Rough job, but I can’t leave them in their cages all week. People tend to frown on that.

Randi is visiting John and Sarah Hamblin, who used to live in Iowa, but moved to Oregon to start a cider orchard and brewery! How awesome is that? Anyway, check out their web page and plan on ordering some authentic, English-style cider from them. They are righteous dudes and it should be fuckin’ awesome! 

Since Randi is up in Cascade Country, I asked her to bring back some hops. She’s acquired some fresh leaf hops, which I’ll need to learn how to use. It’s quite different than using pellet hops. Anyway, she found Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Columbus. I may have to use it right away to brew some more SouthEast Woodcreek Ale. My next planned brew is Thirteen, which is a German AltBier. I won’t be able to use those american Hops. I may have to brew some SEWC or Revenge so these hops don’t go to waste. Regardless, there will be a shitload of brewing happening in September.

Family Brew:

My little sis (Nikki) came to the house and stayed for a bit on her birthday. We drank some excellent Wisconsin brews she brought back from her home in Milwaukee. We also brewed a special edition batch of SEWC, which you can read about here! It was fun!  This was the first time I used adjuncts in the mash. I used a Busch Beer clone recipe, but it called for very little malt. Like 5.5 pounds of malt. I did get it to 1.031 OG, which is pretty low for my usual recipes, but pretty high for 5.5 pounds of malt. Note to self, never use less than 10 pounds of malt for a 5-gallon recipe. Next time, I’ll increase by adding 4.5 pounds of Pale 2-Row,

I’m planning on sending a similar batch with my dad when they go to Arizona for the winter. More malt this time.

Fall, Football, Beer:

Cy-Hawk is in a few days and I’m all out of beer! Nothing goes better with watching the Hawkeyes win (and lose) than some cool, home-made beer! I need to increase production or I’ll need to start buying beer again. (For shame)

Topeka Hall of Foamers Competition

I’m submitting 2 12-oz bottles of Tyrannicide to the IBU as our entry for an American Stout contest in Topeka in October. I’ll be attending the September 19th IBU meeting at the Keg Stand in downtown Des Moines to submit my bottles, which won’t be carbonated by then.

Hopefully, the IBU likes them and will submit them for me.

Next up?

Next brews up are:



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