Busier than a three-dicked goat

This is one of my favorite analogies coined by my old Gunnery Sergeant, Robert Guinn from Tennessee. It well-describes my upcoming weekend. I will be busier than a three-dicked goat. Some other gems from Gunny Guinn are:

  • Slicker than possum shit on a wet oak leaf
  • Tits so big wouldn’t fit in a bucket
  • Looks like five pounds of shit in a one-pound bag
  • Shinier than a dime out of a goat’s ass on Tuesday (I still have no idea what this one means. When I first heard it I laughed my ass off.)

I still keep in touch with the Gunny. A deeply reverent man, the Gunny and his wife travel the world and spread the Lord’s good word. He also does charity and humanitarian work in needy areas at home and abroad. He’s been to the Ukraine several times. I always liked this guy. At first, many of the guys in my platoon thought he was a real dick. But after a while, we realized he made us professionals. He forced us to do things we thought were stupid, but everything he made us do paid off. Eventually, Infantry units would ask for us specifically because we were known as a unit of highly-efficient and capable killers.

Cross the Gunny, and you were fucked. It was a bad idea to bump heads with Gunny Guinn. We wasn’t a big guy. In fact, he was a skinny little dude, but he always got his way. Plus… when you needed something, the Gunny got it for you. He would put his ass in a sling to help you out. He showed up when his Marines were having special events like the baptism of a child, or a graduation. I never knew another Staff NCO that did that kind of stuff. So… cheers, Gunny.

Back to beer: Why will I be busier than a three-dicked goat this weekend? There’s a lot of beer-related shit going down in the basement.

TyrannicideLogo1 Gotta bottle 8 12-oz bottles of Tyrannicide, 10 16oz bottles.
HansensLabel Gotta bottle 48 12-oz bottles of SouthEast Woodcreek American ale (CHC edition)
ThirteenLogo Gotta brew 5 gallons of Thirteen Dark ale (German Alt) with my new 5-gallon circular mash tun.

Gotta print off labels for SEWC and Tyrannicide and then label all the bottles.

Looks like Friday night will be brew night. Saturday will be bottling day and Sunday will be labeling day. You want to come on by and see the operation, help out? Come on by!


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