Stuff Got Done!

This was a busy weekend! And I feel good. I brewed, bottled and labeled all in the same weekend. Here’s how it went:

Sparging Thirteen

Sparging Thirteen

Brewing: Thirteen Dark ale. This was the third time I’ve brewed this one. The first two were Mr.Beer Amber ales, this was a full-grain German Alt. It was the first use of my new mash tun, which I found only holds 10pounds of malt at 1.5qts/pound. So, when I do future recipes that use 10 pounds of malt, I’ll need to use less mash water. That’s okay. BUT: If I’m making Tyrannicaide or Bedfordshire, I’ll need to mash in the larger cooler, then sparge in separate batches. The new tun worked pretty well as far as cleanup and whatnot, but I needed to elevate my sparge water because the new tun is taller. I also had to drain off all the mash water so that the sparge arm had room to work. I think it was worth it though. I got my OG up to 1.061. That’s pretty good! I used an airlock first thing, but Sunday night it clogged up. I caught it before an explosion happened and quickly put a blow-off tube on it.

using a bottling wand

using a bottling wand

Bottling: I bottled (8) 12-oz bottles and (6) 16-oz bottles of Tyrannicide. (FG was 1.014, which is great considering I spilled 3/4 of the yeast before I pitched.). Two of those 12-oz bottles will go to the Topeka Hall of Foamers competition in October. I bottled (45) 12-oz bottles of SouthEast Woodcreek American Pale (CHC version). This was the first time I’ve used adjuncts. This one came out under 3%ABV. Note to self, always use at least 10 pounds of barley or wheat. This recipe only called for 5#, which was a mistake. This will end up being a tasty, but light beer. You know who likes beer like that? Most people. This is the batch I’ll be bringing to Thanksgiving in Moline, Illinois at the CHC bar. I used the bottles my mom gave me, which are those skinny and tall 12-oz bottles you see for Cervesas. The caps went on a little funny, so I’ll need to keep my eye on these. I think it will be fine, but they felt a little forced when I put them on.

tyrannicidebottlesLabeling: I labeled all of the Tyrannicide and SEWC. The labels turned out great! The Tyrannicide label is the simplest label I’ve ever designed, but it looks great on the 16-oz flip-tops. Can’t wait to drink these in a few weeks. I’m saving the 6 12-oz bottles for the Clear Lake Fall Trip October 21st. The 16-oz bottles, I’ll only bring out for special occasions. I have a feeling I’ll be making more Tyrannicide before the winter is over.

diwiartslogoPlanning: I’ve decided to brew a Belgian Ale. I looked around and found a Dubbel recipe I liked and asked a few buddies what I should name it. My history-teacher friend Josh Green and another buddy, Cullin Herwig gave me a great idea! So, take a look at the new page!


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