A Werewolf Chugging a Beer

A Werewolf chugging a beer. I love October!

A Werewolf chugging a beer. I love October!

I love October. It gets cooler, the leaves turn colors, football is in high gear and the beer gets thicker. But one of my favorite things about October is Halloween. I love the spookiness of fall; the scary movies, hot cider, early dusk, creepy costumes and German Beer! So why not have a picture of a scary monster drinking beer? The only picture I could find that I liked of a Werewolf chugging a beer was from a movie called “Wolf Cop”. This movie looks terrible. But, since it’s on Netflix this month, I’ll probably watch it.

What’s new in the Basement?

  • I’m working on cleaning up this blogsite. I have a new featured banner image and I’m making each beer page more consistent. Now that I’ve made multiple batches of each brand, I’m not going to post every batch result. I’ll just put in a flavor profile and the recipe along with some pictures and my thoughts on inspiration.
  • Thirteen Dark, a German Alt bier is in its third week of fermentation. It will be ready to bottle this coming weekend! (October 7th). It should be ready to drink October 21st. It’s a Dark brown, malty ale with only the slightest of German Hops undertones.
  • Root Down Root Beer was a learning experience. I nailed the carbonation using SafeAle-05 Ale yeast. It carbonated in only 36 hours. However, I learned a few things.
    • It’s twice as expensive to make root beer from scratch as it is to buy it. And it’s not that good. It tastes too much of anice and molasses. Conley loves it! He’s the only person that does. It’s amusing watching a five-year-old walking around with a beer bottle, too.
    • Next time, I’ll use an extract kit that costs about 4$ and makes 5 gallons.
  • I’m planning on making a Trappist Dubbel called DiWiarts’ Dubbel. The recipe I like calls for 18 pounds of malt. I usually use around 10 to make a 5-gallon batch. So, this amount may not fit in my 5-gallon mash tun. I may have to only make a small batch like 2 gallons. That will be 7.2 pounds of malt.
  • To avoid running out of beer, I may make a batch of Revenge Amber ale in October . It’s my favorite anyway and it’s one of the easiest to make.
  • Tyrannicide American Dry Stout was a huge success. It may be one of the best beers I’ve made. It’s perfectly carbonated with a nice earthy hint of English Hops and some chocolate and coffee undertones. I only have (3) 16-ounce bottles left after knocking out 2 of them on Friday night after eating a huge steak from Flemmings. BTW: If you ever have a desire to go to Flemmings, don’t. If you want a great steak, either go to Rubes’ in Waukee or grill it yourself. There is no reason to pay 55$ for an 11-ounce steak and 9$ for a 12-ounce beer. Plus, you’ll have to listen to crappy pop music and get served your beer in a water glass. They tried to give me a chilled pilsner glass and that’s a no-no with pre-chilled beer. You would think a classy place like this would know better. The experience’s only redeeming quality was that I was in good company. Randi and I went with some good friends from down the street and we had a good time.
  • The Fall Lake Cabin Trip: I usually go up to Clear Lake twice a year with 2 good buddies. This year, the Fall trip is on October 21st. We will watch the Iowa Game, play cards and nerdy board games, sit by the fire shoreside, and drink home-brews. I’ve saved up a few for the trip. Of course, I’ll be bringing a case of the newly-brewed Thirteen Dark, but I’ll also have a six pack of Revenge, Bedfordshire, RootDown, SouthEast Woodcreek and Tyrannicide. I always save a 6-pack of each batch I make for the trip. It’s three weeks away and I’m already excited about it!

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