A Storm’s a-Brewing

Winter is coming!

There’s some pretty big stuff happening this week at Mike’s Basement Brewery! Here’s a quick rundown…

Last Friday: Randi and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary! We had a good time at a Japanese Steakhouse, played vintage video games and skee-ball at the UpDown bar downtown, bowled two games in Waukee and got our pictures taken in the same place we got our wedding pictures taken. I also drank the last of the Tyrannicide. (Well, last two. One of them blew up. I should mix my bottle bucket a tad more.)


Sunday: I brewed the first batch of DiWiarts Dubbel. It ended up at 1.070 OG. That’s my second highest after Bedfordshire IPA (1.071). Bedfordshire ended up at 8.14% ABV, so I imagine DiWiart’s will be a heavy beer ready for Thanksgiving! Because, why NOT get all your relatives wasted?

Today: Gotta go get the labels for Thirteen so I can put them on in time for the Fall Lake Trip! I also need to cut them out and paste them on all the Thirteen bottles. (There’s 45 of them I think.) Then, I’ll need to move them to the fridge probably Wednesday morning.

Thursday: The Fall Lake Trip! Josh, cullin and I will be watching football, (probably Iowa getting embarrassed by Wisconsin) playing nerdy games, and drinking the last of the Bedfordshire, Revenge, Tyrannicide and SEWC. Plus, I’ll bring a case of Thirteen Dark! I’ll take pictures and document our ridiculousness all weekend. Hopefully, I have enough time to paint some goblins and zombies so we can play a few games of NeatherRealms! (It’s a D&D type game I made a few years ago. Yes… we are THAT nerdy.

Sunday: Gotta move DiWiart’s to my new 2-gallon secondary fermentation vessel, plus, I’ll need to brew a 5-gallon batch of Revenge Amber Ale so it will be ready for Thanksgiving. I’m planning on going to my mom’s in Moline for Thanksgiving. I’ll bring a sixer of Thirteen, DiWiart’s and a few sixers of Revenge. My mom should have a case of SEWC (CHC version) left if they haven’t drank them all.

Upcoming! We have all the makings for the second iteration of RootDown Rootbeer. This time, going with an extract kit. A little less on the carbonation as well.


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