Gunslinger Burritos and Graf

There’s a lot of new and great things going down at the Brewery this week! But first… some pictures from Halloween, where I was visited by two members of the Justice League!

I brewed a 5-gallon batch of Revenge Amber Ale. on Saturday. It went perfectly! I used a mash calculator to perfectly hit my target mash temperature. I’ll be using this cool little web tool again and again. Perhaps it’s time to try out a step-mash?

DiWiart’s Dubbel will be bottled next week and set aside for Thanksgiving. Along with all that Revenge and a sixer of Thirteen!

I think we’ll make another batch of Root Down this week as well. Randi and I will try doing a 2.5 gallon extract kit this time. I ended up dumping the rest of the first batches’ bottles. They were kind of crap. Even though Conley liked it. For this next batch, I’ve got labels ready to go. This time, we’ll try a carbonation time of 24 hours instead of 36. I’ll fill up a plastic pop bottle with the rest so I can squeeze it and check to see when the carbonation is done. The first batch was far too carbonated!

Last but not least, I’m planning my newest brew!

Inspired by Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series of books, I’m going top make a batch of Graf! I’ve already found a few recipes and have made the logo and labels. Plus: I paired it up with some tasty food! Check it out!

I see a “Graf and Gunslinger Burrito” night coming soon in the future!



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