Brewing Plans for 2017

I’ve got some big ideas for 2017. First off, I need a new look. My labels have improved over the years. But one thing’s for certain… they’re expensive. From now on, I’m going with plain black oxygen-absorbing caps. I’m also minimizing from 4.5″ wide to 3.22″ wide. This means I’ll get 6 labels per sheet instead of 4. I’ve also decided to quit making a custom label for each batch. It’s just too time consuming. Since my brewing has become more consistent, there’s no reason to list the OG, FG, batch number and brewing date of every bottle. Here’s the new 2017 template and an example for Cort’s Gunslinger Graf (ready for Christmas)

Here’s what else is going on now…

  • Cort’s Gunslinger Graf will be ready for Christmas! I had a taste when I bottled it. It’s like a light beer with an apple aftertaste. I think it will be pretty popular with the Bud-Light crew. It’s very mild and refreshing! Plus, it’s 4.9%ABV.
  • My Ironman WarBrew (Bavarian Lager) is still bubbling like crazy after 7 days in the 48°F garage. Making a yeast starter a few days before brewing is HIGHLY recommended! I have a very good feeling this is going to be an awesome lager. You gotta love winter! I may have to make another one of these before it gets too warm. Lagers take a long time to make, but they also keep much longer than ales. I may set aside some of these for the State Fair competition and the Lake Trip this summer.
  • I got a big-ol’ gift certificate from Grandma for the Beer Crazy store. It will most likely be invested in malts, yeasts and hops. Perhaps this is the year I start kegging?
  • Tyrannicide American Stout will be ready to go for New Years Eve. This stuff will go pretty fast. It seems to be a favorite amongst my friends and family. It’s in 16-oz flip-tops, so it’s not going to be competing in anything. It’s going to have to be an “Occasion Beer”. There’s only 14 bottles.

Here’s some other plans:

  • I’m planning Grenadier English Porter now. It will be a lot like Tyrannicide, but a little lighter, and much more hoppy.
  • This spring, I WILL be growing hops in the back yard. I may even finish a planter near the fence and plant some barley. How cool would it be to malt some barley and make beer with homemade barley AND hops?
  • Since I accomplished my goal of creating a yeast starter, I plan this year to ranch one of my own yeasts from a beer batch at high krausen, AND… I want to ranch the yeast from a commercial beer. That’s tough to do, but I think I can do it.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Cheers!



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