Grenadier is here


My newest brand has been decided by survey. the winner was an English Porter.

I decided to make this to be Tyrannicide’s English cousin. Where Tyrannicide uses an American Stout recipe and features an American Revolutionary War Navy vessel, Grenadier is an English recipe showcasing a brand that features the ferocious Grenadier Redcoat.

I’m hoping to brew this in late December, 2016 and enjoying it at the start of February 2017. I’ll keep a few bottles of Tyrannicide for comparison. I think these two small-batch beers will be the only ones I’ll put in 16-oz flip top bottles.

Read all about it on my new page! Grenadier English Porter

Here’s a comparison of the two very similar beer profiles.

 britflag300_grenadier  amrevflag300_tyrannicide
 English Porter American Dry Stout 
Moderate hops, moderate brown malt, moderate to heavy alcohol Light hops, heavy dark malt, heavy alcohol
English ale yeast, English malts, English hops American ale Yeast, English malts, English hops
Grenadiers were English foot soldiers chosen for their large size and ferocity. They were used to break lines and breach defenses. Tyrannicide was a Massachusetts Navy Ship that destroyed or captured 19 English ships during the Revolution.

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