What’s Brewing in January 2017

See some images I captured whilst conducting science this weekend in the Basement Brewery/Science Lab.

Some other updates:


Ironman Warbrew Bavarian Lager

This weekend I bottled Ironman after it sat in my garage for 4 weeks. I took a taste and it was perfect! It fermented great and comes in at 6.3% ABV. It’s also very clear like a lager should be. I carbonated it with dried malt extract so that the only ingredients are water, hops, barley and yeast. Reinheitsgebot!


 Grenadier English Porter

This weekend I moved Grenadier from its primary fermentation to a secondary. This is basically moving it to a cleaner vessel so that the crud (actually called, “trub”) in the fermenter doesn’t give the beer strange tastes. It has two more weeks to go until bottling.

If you’ve been paying attention, this is the beer I made using yeast from a bottle of commercial beer. However, the gravity was still pretty high on this (about 1.030). This will definitely need a few more weeks in the fermenter. This scares me a little since it should be far lower after a week.


 Revenge American Amber Ale

This weekend, I made a special extract batch of Revenge. I used a liquid extract from a company called Breiss. I used the refractometer a lot which helped me realize that the gravity for one can of Breiss extract for 5 gallons was far too low. Luckily, I had some dried malt extract on hand and added 2.5 cups. It still wasn’t high enough, so I added 2 cups of corn sugar in accordance with my new brewing book, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. I also increased the boil time to 90 minutes to burn off extra water and achieved a OG of 1.051. This should help me get to 5.5% ABV, which is normal for Revenge.

I also used some of the Revenge wort and Safeale-05 to make a yeast starter for my next batch. This was also the first batch to go in my new glass carboy. I learned that it’s difficult to pour from the kettle into the funnel, so I’m looking at a new funnel on amazon.

Revenge takes about 4 weeks total, so it will be ready for Conley’s birthday party!

New Brand!!! Coming Soon!!!

300_offaMy friend and fellow brewer John Hamblin suggested I make an English Mild.(BJCP2015 Category 12A. Dark Mild) This is a 19th century brew from England favored by the working class. It’s usually dark amber to brown in color, malty with light hops. It most likely will use East Kent Goldings hops and Safeale-05.

John suggested using King Offa of Mercia as the brand logo. After some research and a couple tries on label logos, we came up with this!

I used a cool website to translate English to Old English Anglo-Saxon runes. The top says “Offa of Mercia”. The flag in the right corner is the flag of Mercia. Evidently, Offa built a dyke from sea to sea across Mercia the help defend themselves from the Welsh. (My ancestors. Damn you, John.)

Anyway, it’s a cool logo and theme and I’m excited to brew it. I’ll need to search around for some good recipes. If you know any, let me know!


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