This SHOCKING image of a famous celebrity will BLOW YOUR MIND! WOW!


Earlier this week, celebrated actor Sagiclease Mobley from the hit show, “Big Bang Theory” SHOCKED fans when he was seen in Las Vegas pulling a “Trump” with an underage refugee from Florida! Journalists from around the globe were able to snap this SHOCKING image when the whole thing went down.

Just Kidding!

I love all the click-bait ads you see on Facebook. Every single one of them leads to a page where you have to continually click on new pages to see more “Shocking” content about a celebrity or something gross. I think some of the people who make the Facebook pages that have really good content with a lot of followers get paid a lot of money to share links to these sites. Anyhoo, what you’re really here to see is this…

Mike’s Next Beer will be a BOCK!

What’s a Bock? Basically, it’s a dark lager from Northern Germany. If you want to read up on the whole history, here you go!

I only have one lager in my menu. I think it’s time for a second. I only get to brew lagers once or twice a year because I have to ferment them in my garage in the dead of winter. Before it gets too warm, I’ll make a Bock.

So here are some themes I’m thinking about that are consistent with the style…

  • A goat. (Bock means “Goat” in German)
  • Something about Einbeck, Germany, the birthplace of the Bock in 1325AD.
  • Find some badass medieval dude from around that time, kind of like Offa of Mercia.
  • FIRE! Einbeck was ravaged by two fires.
  • Something REALLY German, like a guy in Liederhosen or a beer wench with two big jugs, I mean mugs.
  • Since Bocks are brewed in Texas frequently, maybe something Texan. Cowboy hats and Wild West stuff, maybe.

I may try a triple decoction mash with this one. Same Adams is the only beer I know of that does a decoction mash. It doesn’t sound too hard if you have a water temperature calculator.

“The traditional mash schedule for a German bock is a triple decoction, though with modern highly modified grains a double decoction will suffice. Decoction does help to enhance the color and body of the beer to bring out the strong malty profile of a traditional bock. The protein rest should target around 122F, while the main conversion should be done at a slightly higher temperature of 155-156 F (68C) to bring out the desired medium to full body beer profile. A single infusion mash is also an option, again in the 155F range.” (, 2009)

Again, looking for recipes. There are a million out there. Any out there that you really like? Let me know in the comments!







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