News: January 21st, 2016


It’s a busy weekend here at my Basement Brewery! Here’s what’s happening!

300_grenadierToday, I’m bottling Grenadier English Porter. This is a two-gallon batch that has been fermenting for three weeks. It’s time to move it into bottles and carbonate it with some honey! I’ll be using a calculator I found to help make sure the right amount of sugar is used to give it a decent amount of carbonation. With three weeks fermentation, there should be enough yeast still viable to ferment to honey and give it a nice, smooth head. Remember, this is the batch I made with yeast ranched from bottles of Bent River’s Uncommon Stout. I hope it’s still healthy! I’ll put six of these into 12-oz bottles for the Lake Trip in the summer and the rest in my big 16-oz flip-tops.


I moved the bottles of Ironman to the fridge after 11 days of carbonation and I don’t think that was long enough. I tried some last night and it definitely doesn’t have enough carbonation. This was a four-week lager. It’s possible there wasn’t enough viable yeast left to carbonate it. I should have added a small amount of all yeast into it when I bottled. Also, it’s a bit cloudy. Some more time in the garage in bottles, maybe three weeks would have cleared it up. Lesson for next time, and for when I brew my other lager (Arminius Bock) I should add yeast to carbonate and let it bottle condition for much longer. Lagers are difficult to make! Am I going to drink all 38 bottles? Oh, yeah.


I’ll be bottling Revenge American amber ale on Sunday, This was an extract version where I used liquid extract and raised the gravity by adding dried extract and corn sugar. Normally, Revenge is brewed using nothing but RedX Bavarian Malt. I’m anxious to see how this turned out! This is the first beer I used my new glass carboy for as well. I never moved it to a secondary fermenter, so it will be interesting to see how it works! I have a good feeling about this one!

300_offa3Also on Sunday, I’ll be moving Offa of Mercia English Dark Mild to its Secondary fermentation vessel. It’s been fermenting a week. I won’t be moving this to a secondary vessel. This is a low gravity English Dark Mild. It will only need two weeks to ferment. This should be ready carbonate and bottle next weekend. Then, it will be ready to drink around February 10th.


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