St. Paddy’s Warmup

I’ve been busy! Been enjoying a few Irish beers, looking around at Irish Ale recipes and attempting some Irish Food. But, I’m also trying to build a hops planter, fix a back yard, compete in a beer contest, go to school, do a good job at work, raise a few kids and make some beers. Busy, busy, busy! It’s a good thing there is always beer!

Here’s what I did this weekend…

In other news, next weekend is the drop-off for the IBU open competition. Also, I’m looking around to make an Irish Red Ale. That will be the next brew.

Also, I changed the pages for Tyrannicide and Revenge now that I am placing all my recipes on BrewToad. (I should have done that a long time ago. More to come on what I think about BrewToad.)


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