Baraboo Chocolate Porter



6 out of 7 “Chucks”

It’s good! Don’t let the low price throw you off. (You can pick up a sixer at Hy-Vee for 6$) Why is it so low? Because this brew was the idea of some liquor department employees of Hy-Vee. This is a grocery store’s craft beer. No shit!

They have come a long way from Regal Beer. (An awful economy pilsner lager Hy-Vee made in the nineties.)

It has an unmistakable chocolate taste right up front. There is no hint of roasted malt or spicy hops, but there is no mistaking the alcohol aftertaste. It’s apparent, but not gross.
I’ll definitely get this again.

Check out the Baraboo Brewery here!


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