Another Great Brewing Weekend!

The week in pictures!


Here’s the starter after I drained off all the wort.


I kept a small sample of this yeast again and put it into the fridge.


After some batches will far too much trub, I’ve decided I’m using only cloth bags for my hops and boil adjuncts.


Tuesday night I used my grain mill for the first time to crush the grain for St. Stremph’s Irish Red Ale. I bought a 60# bag of American Two-Row, which is in most of my recipes.


Wednesday night, I made a yeast starter and pitched the yeast I save weeks ago from brewing Bedfordshire. It worked perfectly! The yeast attenuated and looked quite healthy.


Me and Chris Tyrrell brewed a 5-gallon batch of St. Stremph on Friday night. This was my first run at using BrewToad to track my notes.


At the same time, I brewed a batch of Mr. Beer Irish Stout. It was very busy running around the kitchen doing a full-grain batch and a Mr. Beer at the same time.


I’ve got the wort chiller in the kettle in the last 15 minutes of the boil.


Ready to pitch yeast into my carboy.


I found two altbiers! One was at the Confluence brewery and one was at Hy-Vee. Here I am taking it easy on the couch.


I dropped off 4 of my beers at Confluence brewery for the IBU’s open competition.


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