Calling Wood Creek Artists!

Help me design a bottle label for this year’s beer!


This will be the third year I’ve made a batch of beer or two for the Block Party. I only make this special batch of all-grain SouthEast Woodcreek American Pale once or twice a year. If you’ve been around a while you’ll remember there have been a few different bottle labels for this brew.

This is a pretty tame craft beer. It’s very pale and there’s only a touch of hops, but it’s light and refreshing. It’s generally got an alcohol content lower than Budweiser, but higher than Bud Light.

We have a lot of people who possess far better artistic experience and talent than me. Why not use those artists to design our beer this year?

I’ll be brewing about 48 bottles of this particular recipe. I’d like to take a few designs from my neighbors and friends on SEWC and then have us all vote via Facebook survey on which one should be used!

The only requirements are…

  • I’ll need to print and place labels on the bottles at least two weeks before the party. So, let’s say that designs need to be in by May 21st.
  • You can draw, or photograph or use a computer to design your image. To submit your entry, just send me a digital copy of your image:
  • You may use the image below as a guide, but it is not required.
  • You can add lettering to the effect of “SouthEast Woodreek American Pale Ale”. If you don’t, I will add it in electronically.
  • You can type questions in the comments below or on the FaceBook post. I’ll get back to you pretty quickly.
  • Have fun!




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