SouthEast Woodcreek Bock Party Beers 2017


My house at the 2015 Block Party

What beer will be served at the June 10th SouthEast Woodcreek Block Party?

We always have a pony keg of Domestic Light Lager. Potentially, Coors light, Bud Light, Miller lite, etc. I won’t be shoving craft beers at you all night. I know craft beers only have a 12% market share in the United States. A lot of people don’t like them. Most people will be drinking keg beer, soda, water, or something else. The money you pitch in for the block party goes to food (for the grill, etc) and this beer.

What will Mike’s Basement Brewery be serving?

For those of you who want to see what all the fuss is about, here’s what I’m saving for all of you to enjoy at the block party.  We will set out a donation jar, but that is for the keg, not this stuff. My beers are free for anyone over 21 coming to the party and absolutely NO donations will be accepted. If you want to give cash for the keg, that is okay, but all proceeds go to the party and are located in a separate account Randi set up. Overages and deficits are applied to the next year. No money from the block party will EVER go to my silly little hobby. That’s called “Bootlegging” and is extremely illegal. Home-made beers are ALWAYS free.

FREE BEERS from the Basement:

During the party, just open the fridge and grab one of these. Any beers I’m saving for later will be clearly marked and in a cardboard carrier. (Like beers I have set aside for competitions and events later in the summer) The beers for the party will be clearly marked and will be loose on a designated shelf. HELP YOURSELF, or ask me about my special stash.

 300_sewc_2017 SouthEast Woodcreek American Pale Ale. This is a Pale American Ale, comparable to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It’s a bit more bitter than a domestic lager, but nearly the same color. I’ll be making two cases of 12-oz bottles. For those wanting to taste some very tame home-brews… this is for you. It’s clear, crisp, a tad bitter with some hints of pine and citrus and has about the same amount of alcohol as Bud Light. Recommended for casual beer drinkers.
 300_offaprototype Offa of Mercia English Dark Mild Ale is a very dark, but mild ale. It has hints of chocolate and toasty malts, a high amount of carbonation and very slight floral hops aftertaste. For people who like malty, dark beers, but not thick, malty beers. This one is considered a “session” beer, meaning it has very low alcohol and several can be enjoyed! I’ll be bringing at least a six-pack of this favorite. There may be more!
 300_tyrannicide Tyrannicide American Stout. This nearly black stout was made in a small batch. I have only 6 of these set aside for the party. If you ask for it by name, I will point you towards it. It’s very chocolaty, rich, slightly-toasty and has a hint of American floral hops. My dad said he would put this on top of ice cream. It weighs in around 5.5% ABV.
 300_bedfordshire Bedfordshire American IPA, This is a yellow to amber colored american ale, loaded with bitter American hops from the Pacific Northwest. It’s got some citrus and pine hints with a strong alcohol aftertaste and a crisp, clear mouth feel. There will be six of these at the party. If you like IPA’s, you’ll like this one. I only have 6 left.
 300_StStremphLogo St. Stremph Irish Red Ale. This is a strong, red ale, kind of like New Belgium’s Fat Tire on steroids. There is a definite malty character with some moderately-bitter English hops.  I only have 6 of these set aside for the party. They went pretty fast back in April.
 DeadPhilistine Dead Philistine American Citrus IPA. I’m attempting to make a citrus IPA like Toppling Goliath’s PseudoSue. I have no idea if it will work. I would like it to be cloudy, orange-yellow colored, slightly bitter with a load of late-stage citrus hops. I’m making 4.75 gallons, so there will be a lot there. This one for sure will be stiff. Most likely over 7% ABV.

Label Contest?

Don’t forget! I am accepting your designs for the SouthEast Woodcreek Ale bottle now! Want to submit a picture, image or idea to be on our beer bottles? See here…


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