Brew Plans for June 2017


After the block party and the Weekend trip to Clear Lake, there won’t be much beer left! Here’s what I’m planning for the rest of the month…

  • Diwiart’s Dubbel: I’ll make a 2-gallon batch of this high-ABV brown ale. It takes a while, so it may take until August. I’ll also try bottling these in actual Belgian Beer bottles with corks this time. That will be pretty cool! What to drink until then?
  • Revenge American Amber: I think I’ll do an extract version of Revenge, just to have some good beer on hand.
  • Dead Philistine Citrus IPA: This turned out so well at the block party, I gotta make more before the summer is out. I’ll add a little less dark malt to lighten it up, but I’ll adjust my recipe to match what I actually did last brew night. Adding DME to get the gravity up actually turned out really well, even though it was an accident!

What else is new?

  • Monday is the IBU monthly meeting at the Iowa Taproom. I’ll be bringing bottles of Offa of Mercia to compete in Iron Brewer.
  • Going to Clear Lake with the boys next weekend! Bringing a ton of beer including Bethusela’s Lake Cabin Ale!
  • Over the 4th of July, I’ll be flying to Oregon to spend a week with John and Sarah Hamblin and Stone Circle Cider. It will be a huge beer and cider festival of drunkenness.
  • I have several beers competing this year at the Iowa State Fair. It will be cool to see how I do this year. Last year, not bad. But the quality of beers has improved vastly since then!



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