What’s different about Belgian Beers?

300_diwiartsGetting ready to make my second batch of Diwiart’s Dubbel. My only Belgian beer.

You hear a lot about Belgian Beers these days. Trappist Dubbels, Trippels, Saisons, Witbiers, etc. What’s so special and different about Belgian beers? Here’s a few generalizations…

  • High alcohol content. (Mostly)
  • Made by Trappist Monks for 1,000 years. (For the most part)
  • Usually made with Belgian brown malts and German hops. (Meh, depends)
  • Unique Belgian yeast. (Yes. It is extremely unique, robust and smooth)
  • Belgians use adjuncts like coriander and orange peel. (Yes. This gives it much more character than traditional German beers.)
  • Belgian beer is usually bottled and corked. (Yes. And carbonated with dark candy sugar crystals.)

Here’s a pretty decent article: http://berghoffbeer.com/blog/german-beer-vs-belgian-beer-whats-the-difference/

I’m going to try my hand at corking this 2-gallon batch with my hand corker. I’ll have a practice a few times to get it right. This will be a fun beer to make! So far, I’ve crushed the grains and have all the stuff ready to go. I don’t need to do a yeast starter, but I might just to be safe.



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