Cort’s Gunslinger


  • Malts: Dry Malt Extract, Apple Juice
  • Hops: U.S. Cascade
  • Alcohol By Volume: 4.7%
  • IBU: 16 | SRM: 7 | OG: 1.042 | FG: 1.006 | 137 calories (12.oz)

I got the idea for making this from my friend Chris Tyrrell. We both share the same love of the Stephen King Gunslinger Series of books. In the books, the heroes drink a beverage called “Graf”.  These amazing books take place mostly in an alternate world that’s kind of like post-apocalypse meets Camelot, meets Spaghetti Western, Think “Knights of the Round Table”, but with six-shooters, wandering the vast nuclear wasteland of the West.

Graf is a strong hard cider or apple-based beer widely consumed in In-World (One of the large territories of the Gunslinger World). The specifics of the beverage are not mentioned except to say that some varieties of graf are weak while others are eye-wateringly strong.

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