SouthEast WoodCreek

American Pale Ale

  • Malts: U.S. 2-Row,  Flaked Rice, Flaked Corn
  • Hops: U.S. Cascade
  • Alcohol By Volume: 5.9%
  • IBU: 31 | SRM: 2 | OG: 1.056 | FG: 1.011 | 183.6 calories (12.oz)

Clear, crisp, refreshing. A tiny hint of citrus and pine in the aftertaste.


My house at the 2015 Block Party

For it’s third year, SouthEast Woodcreek American Pale Ale will be brewed for the annual block party. So far, there has never been any left over.

See my recipe on BrewToad.