Current Inventory

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Logo Brand Style BrewDate ReadyDate Volume Status
300_corts Cort’s Gunslinger Graf 8/26/17 10/12/17 (32) 12.oz Conditioning
300_grenadier Grenadier English Porter Ale 8/19/17 10/12/17 (18) 12.oz Conditioning
SEWC_Button300x300 Southeast Woodcreek American Pale Ale 9/4/17 10/12/17 (32) 12.oz Conditioning
300_thirteen Thirteen German Alt Ale 9/14/17 10/12/17 (32) 12.oz Carbonating
300_tyrannicide Tyrannicide American Stout TBD TBD 2 gal Planning
300_offaprototype Offa of Mercia English Dark Mild Ale TBD TBD 5 gal Planning
300_diwiarts DiWiart’s Belgian Dubbel Ale 6/30/17 8/15/17 (2) 750ml bottles Ready

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